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Bike Fit Systems' (BikeFit) origins date back to 1995 in Los Angeles, California when the first product, the Cleat Wedge® (originally known as "Big Meats"), was co-developed by Paul Swift, the founder of BikeFit.

Back in the 1980s, while Paul was living at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, the primary bike fitting adjustments were saddle height, stem height, foot-cleat fore/aft and cleat rotation positioning. The latter was a break-through by a company named Fit Kit. However, knee tracking was not considered, other than coaches telling the athletes to bring their knees in while pedaling. Paul watched some of America's best talent go to the wayside with knee injuries. He knew fitting wasn't everything it could be but because his primary focus was being the best cyclist in the world there wasn't much free time to discover the answers.
While Fit Kit had introduced some important basic concepts to bike fitting the system lacked several key foot/pedal interface adjustments. Around this time, Serotta entered bike fitting; however, being a bicycle frame manufacturer, their primary focus was acheiving the perfect frame size for their customers. Neither Serotta not Fit Kit's products addressed the cyclest's discomforts and/or suboptimal positions. For the most part, discomfort was commonly accepted as normal and something you "had to get used to."

As Paul began winding down his athletic career, he started to focus on developing the first commercially available bike fit system that addressed the connection/contact points in greater detail—the goal being the elimination of pain and discomfort. Up to that point, no one gave any consideration to the front view which led to a break-through in side-to-side cleat adjustment and observing knee patterns while pedaling. The Cleat Wedge not only addressed forefoot tilt, but it could also be stacked to help for leg length discrepancies. The pelvis and hands (additional key contact points) were finally being addressed. BikeFit helped people realize that a better ride was possible by bringing bike fit education to a new level and offering a comprehensive course that is taught hands-on, learn how-to-do-it bike fitting.

In 1996, BikeFit introduced the ITS Wedges® (in the shoe) although at the time it was called "Sole Power." The ITS Wedge was put on the back burner as cycling shoes were still hanging onto old world ideals that you bought your shoes small and stretched them to fit your foot. Simply put, there was not enough room inside the shoe to make the ITS Wedge viable at this point in time.

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