Service & Repairs

We have all sizes of hammer, so there is nothing we can't fit or repair!

Our trained mechanics have over 35 years combined experience working in bike shops and are able to undertake any kind of cycle mechanics, ranging from smaller jobs, such as gear adjustment to more complex tasks, like wheel builds, to complete bespoke bike builds.

We offer a standard service for £50. This is a thorough inspection of your bike and includes adjusting and lubricating all working parts.  Any worn parts will be highlighted and can be replaced as required (of course, any parts supplied will be an additional cost). We recommend servicing your bike at least once a year to keep it in good working order.

We are happy to take on other tasks and prices vary according to complexity. For example, we charge £16.99 to supply and fit a new inner tube and £100+ for building a complete bike from parts.  We will give you an estimate for any job before starting.

15C Sun Street

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T: 01462 631555