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worth of free setup and service with every bike sale

Bike Fitting

worth £80

Full Build

worth £50

1st Service

worth £50

2nd Service

worth £50


Two services come free with every new bike we sell. The "First Service" at four weeks is the most important service your bike will ever have. Your bike will "settle in" over the first few journeys causing bearings and cables to loosen and machine built wheels to lose some tension, if the bike is left like this it will cause premature wear and malfunctions. So we like to get the bike back and service it to ensure it runs smoothly. A second free service is provided at 6 months. This is the service that every bike should have once a year. If you continue to have your cycle checked annually it will give you many years of faithfull service.

Built Right

Every Bicycle we sell is fully assembled. We go to the trouble of replacing transit grease with genuine after market product where necessary, we pre-stress and true the wheels and lock down the hub cones, we replace anything that has been damaged or lost in shipping and present you with a bike that is ready to ride.

Fits You

One size does not fit all! quality bikes come in up to 8 frame sizes. Because fit is so important we will spend time getting the right sized bike for you, encourage you to try different models and even change parts so that we can get the fit right. At the end of the day if you are comfortable on your bike you will use it, if you are not it will just become a waste of money sitting in your shed.

Fit For Purpose

We will ask you what you want to do with your purchase and give you advice on the best product. We will make sure you know the pro's and cons and we will let you decide if what we are saying has value. No pressure!

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